When divorce makes a better dad

The title of this blog was so intriguing, I had to explore where this was a mindset change theory or an authentic experience of the author who wanted to offer aspiration to other dads.

The article discuss the emotional sentiments that dads’s share reading separation however the first paragraph ends offering a silver lining to this turbulence.

The author continues to discuss how he learnt to be PRESENT during all the contact with his children, even if it was a quick visit to Mc Donalds, his children had his undivided attention.  He came to realize that it was time to accept parenting responsibility wholeheartedly if he was to be visible in his children’s growth and nurturing. From his deepest despair came this enlightenment, and he went from corporate titan to playground parent.

Divorce was the worst thing he went through, but it was the best thing that happened to this father.

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