Visible Felt Parenting Protocol

Visible Felt Parenting Protocol

Most father’s do not even realize how their own reactions are working against themselves. While trying to do good, to the best of their ability, they don’t recognise that they have become their own worst enemy. Instead what do they do?  They try harder. The validation is so often the same, “I get so little time with my child”, “why would I need to enforce more boundaries” and “I dont want to have enforce discipline”. Then they dont understand why the relationship starts to decline as the natural respect for their role as father starts to disappear. Eventually this also impacts negatively on the co-parenting relationship they are trying to nurture with their ex partner and the frustrations build.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your life thrown into turmoil,
  • Increasingly isolated from your children’s life,
  • You feel sidelined from your family and friends.
  • Whilst having to get through all the emotions you are experiencing,
  • You feel more and more overwhelmed.
  • You do your best to regain a normal level of functional life,
  • Yet at the same time you have to continue being productive to financially support your children.
  • And often this is happening while going through the daunting court process.

Its time to make the choice to change this.

Now you can become pro-active. 

With the right support you can be better prepared.

Its time that you fill your Parenting Toolbox with the tactics and tool that count.

Most parents have a few familiar ‘tools’ they use frequently even if not very effectively.

They don’t realise how may other tools they leave in their parenting toolbox, unused.

  • Some of these came with the toolbox, the natural gifts of wisdom, experiences and talents.
  • Some of these we purchase through training, reading and  research.
  • Some of these we inherit by talking to other parent and even from our role models and peers.
  • And yet some we have to be inventive and build on our own.

Your parenting toolbox is a collection of tips, skills and techniques that you have accumulated over time.

Too often we don’t schedule time to check our inventory, to get rid of old tools, determine what is missing or anticipate future needs.

More often than not we get hurt because we just haven’t filled our toolboxes efficiently or effectively.

As a parent you need to keep your toolbox up to date, filling them intentionally, all the time improving your awareness, desire and actively seeking support.

In your parenting toolbox needs to be:

All the tools, skills, your need in your parenting toolbox as well as ideas and answers to the challenges and issues you will face will be provided by Lee Wade from Dads Indeed. With her knowledge and expertise of working with Dad’s your toolbox  will empower you to be the best dad possible and have a meaningful, loving relationship with your child(ren).

Tactics and tools are only as effective as you are able to use them. Robin Pullen, co-creator of the Visible Felt Parenting Protocol, is here to help you understand what you have in hand, at when and how to use them.  Your success as a parent is all about the application and implement of these tools and building lasting and meaningful relationship with your child. You will enjoy more time with your children, nurture their development and cherish watching them grow.

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