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Each year, millions of children around the globe face family disruption, through separation and divorce.  Within South Africa, divorce rates are on the increase, in 2015 there were 25 260 completed divorces. What is interesting is there were more female plantiffs than male. 55.6% of these divorces children less than 18 years of age were affected.   (need infographic for stats)

The importance of parent roles and skills in helping children cope with separation or divorce must be emphasized as it is primarily parents who can mitigate or reverse potentially serious negative outcomes for their children.

Children experience separation and divorce deeply and personally, and the potential for negative short- and long- term consequences is considerably higher for children whose parents have separated or divorced. While parental separation or divorce poses significant risks, there are many factors that can reduce risks and promote a child’s resilience in the transition. The fact is, children need an age-appropriate child centred separation story to make sense of their world.

Dads Indeed was founded in April 2017 to Champion for children and families, especially sidelined fathers.


Dad’s Indeed will help you manage your separation and divorce, through focused support, with the aim that fathers maintain secure and loving attachment with their children.

Dads Indeed endorses family protective factors that prevent long-term family-risk and problems through the separation or divorce transition. Dad Indeed appreciates that children benefit greatly from their parents’ enduring love and determination to put them first.


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About the founder

Ms. Lee Wade

I am a professionally and academically certified Social Worker, Educator and Child Development Specialist from the UK. I currently resides in SA with the vision to impact the lives of children, families and communities with her skills expertise, skills and experience. I hold a Masters Degree in Social Work and a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Hons) in Education from the University of Central Lancashire, UK.  During my time as a qualified social worker I had the opportunity to work closely with many young fathers, fathers fighting through the court system for access or shared study of their children.  This gave me the insight form the paternal view point and coupled with my personal experience of being a single mother, I can only personally express the negative impact this has on a child. 

Born from these experiences, and though my curiosity as a social worker, I noticed the lack of advocacy regarding Fathers’ Rights within the court systems of South Africa.  To work in tandem with the Children’s Act and my knowledge, skills experience and expertise, I founded an initiative called “Dad’s Indeed” to support fathers in their right to be at the foundation of their families, support to mothers through co-parenting, for the outcome and positive impact on the well being of their children.  This initiative has been very well received and I have compiled a fathers’ training programme that meets the court outcomes as stated to me by an Advocate. Thus far I have successfully assisted a number of fathers to have their relationship and parental rights and responsibilities exercised and they are now enjoying successful and meaningful relationships with their children. 

We strive to be something meaningful in some way to as many Dad’s as possible.