Dad’s Toolkit

Would you like learn self -development and parenting tips to fill your Dad’s Toolkit with improved skills and strengthen your relationship with your children during this stressful time?  Now it’s the time to make it count.

A part of Co- Operative Parenting practices to establish open communication in which parents listen respectfully, acknowledge their children’s feelings, and stay connected.   In general South African’s hold deep-seated social and cultural beliefs that men are the providers and women the carers. Until we can shake off these stereotypes, shared parenting will never be fully embraced. Part of the problem is that we’re still clinging to the idea that a child without its mother is going to be damaged. We need to move beyond that. After separation children do best if both parents are involved.

In order to ensure you are equipped with the correct “tools” in your toolkit, to ensure you are fully equipped for this future relationship, we offer a program that will cover:

Anger Management


Self development

The Future Plan

Linda Blair, a psychologist and author of The Happy Child, advises: “Accept that you and your partner no longer have an emotional relationship but a business relationship. Your business is bringing up your children. If you treat it like that you are less prone to be hurt and reopen old wounds.”