Parenting Program

Parenting Classes for any man in a fathering role:

It goes without saying that becoming a single dad is a life changing event, whilst taking on the responsibility and care for your children can be an exciting prospect, it can also be daunting.

Single parenting brings with it a lot of practical considerations, worries and questions, which dads find difficult to source the information that is relevant to them.  They often feel they are viewed differently and they are left out of the support that is on offer to single mother families. This can leave single dad parenting an isolated experience.

My view is that single dads offer good parenting, often under difficult circumstances.  At times dads need extra support tailored to their individual situations, , and when dealing with problems it is helpful to hear from a professional and other dads how they have coped successfully.

 To meet the needs of single Dads I provide a local service in terms of a six session course. The course content is as follows-

 Session 1 – An introduction into parenting, and child development

Session 2 – Parenting style – each dad to know and understand his individual parenting style, the impact on parenting and children’s behaviour.

Session 3 – Being a positive role model. Dads to have the understanding and skills to mentor their children.

Session 4 – Hands on parenting. An activity based session to create awareness of risks, health and safety and other dangers. Problem solving, listening and responding to children’s feelings.

Session 5 – The keys to success.  Understanding the importance of values, morals and ethics. Co-parenting and the negative impact of parent alienation.

Session 6 – Effective Discipline, positive reinforcement, rewards and consequences.