I miss your energy and passion that you displayed for your work.

I wanted to say
thank you,
thank you so much,
and my boys thank you too.

The knowledge and the insight, that you have given me has helped me so much.

It has made my time with my boys has been so much better, structured and dynamic and fun.

My boys are happier and more comfortable and open with me.

It has taken me some time to understand and properly apply, most of that what you have opened my eyes too.

I do struggle still with the attacks on me from V, but I am still learning to ignore and  deflect her attentions,

But I realized most of all, like you said, that my boys are most important and I must  to ignore what ****** is doing. It does hurt very bad but I am trying my best.

You have truely been a great positive influence on my life and my boys lives as well.


Thank you